Jeg is a 27 years old autodidact painter. 

In a perpetual quest for spiritual search, Jeg’s main topics are linked with full consciousness. 

He likes to transliterate abstracts concepts through its canvas, in bringing explanations, but he also likes to paint more common topics so as his series “History Of Art” gathering a tribute to 10 famous historical painters. 


Jeg prefers to remain anonymous in order to put more emphasis on the topics of his paintings rather than himself. For him, it is only the message he wants to share through his paintings that is important. Today, more and more people are in quest for meaning: seminars and books of personal growth are booming. So, he wants to participate in this trend putting emphasis on the topics of his artworks. 


By drawing his inspirations from Jewish religion, philosophy, sociology, symbolism and art, Jeg offers his own vision and understanding of our world, inviting you to though. Jeg’s canvas are his tools that help him to deliver his messages and understandings.


With a unique and bold style, mixing Street Art, Pop Art, Surrealism and Symbolism, Jeg suggests his own vision of life.