Canvas structured in series

The serie History Of Art is the first one Jeg begun. His inspiration comes from Donald Seitz's illustrations. 

Jeg wanted to reinterprete his influences in paintings and transpose them in light with his vision and our era. 

Talmud, תַּלְמוּד in Hebrew, means study. It is one of the basic Rabbinical Judaism texts and the base of its Halakha, namely its Law. This serie is the matrix of every inspiration and reflects a comprehensive job of the text. 

Dehumanization it is to remove or even cause the lose of the specific characters of human nature and human condition. 

It is also the fact to lose one's human side through object alienation. 

This work is a unicorn sculpture.
Meanings :

1- Two-toned unicorn lamp

2- Representation of the economic term "unicorn", which is a startup company with a value of over $1billion.

Phrenology -theory whereby bumps of the skull determine personality- was born in 1851 thanks to Thomas Ignatius. This serie is about Jeg's comprehension and interpretation of this. 

Here are put every canvas which are, as the title says, improvisation from every horizons. This means that these canvas are either beginnings of serie or inspirations of the moment that Jeg has.